You can choose weekly, fortnightly or monthly services and schedule your seasonal gutter and wheelie bin clean with us.

A well maintained property is a valuable one, and you deserve the experts in property maintenance. Let us meet your specific needs with an on-site, one-on-one discussion and a tailored quote.

You may need a little maintenance or a complete package.  We can also schedule work on an annual or bi-annual basis such as gutter cleaning, pressure cleaning of wheelie bins and seasonal pruning.

Here’s what we can do for you;

Garden & Lawn Maintenance
You want neat and tidy grounds for everyone to enjoy.

Internal Cleaning
You want to feel at home when you walk into the building.

Weekly Bin Services
We don’t mind getting our hands dirty – let us take the hassle out of bin night.

Property Safety Checks
Reduce risks and hazards around your property with regular checks.

Rubbish Removal
You don’t know who left that rubbish on your property, but you want it gone.

One-off Garden Work
Your property may need some extra special attention from our two-man specialist crew.

Bin Cleaning
Keep your wheelie bins clean, sanitized and smelling fresh.

Gutter Cleaning
Prevent rust, avoid damage to your building and save money on costly insurance claims.

Sprinklers & Drippers
You want your gardens looking lush without the hassle of monitoring water restrictions.

Window Cleaning
We now offer streak-free window cleaning services, including high reach up to 4 storeys.

Carpet Steam Cleaning 
We now offer expert carpet steam cleaning services. 


Talk to us about tailoring a service to meet your needs.

Garden & Lawn Maintenance

  • Mow and edge lawns and nature strips
  • Prune, trim and shape shrubs
  • Poison weeds in concrete cracks and along fence-lines
  • Rake leaves
  • Sweep paths, driveways and car park areas
  • Keep clothesline area in good order
  • Remove rubbish from the property
  • Keep bins area in good order

Internal Cleaning

  • Vacuum carpeted stairwells and landings
  • Sweep and mop tiled areas
  • Wipe internal window ledges, stair rails & fixtures
  • Remove cobwebs from stairwells and light fittings
  • Clean glass entrance doors
  • Remove scuff marks from walls (where possible)
  • Clean common laundry: wipe over machines & ledges
  • Wipe over mail boxes
  • Remove papers and uncollected junk mail
  • Clean workers’ toilet
  • Change light globes
  • Check common lighting and seasonally adjust timeclocks

Property Safety Checks

  • Check fire hydrants and exit doors are operational
  • Check exit doors and paths of travel are free from obstruction
  • Check smoke alarms and change batteries annually


Weekly/Fortnightly Bin Services

  • Place garbage, recycling and green waste bins on nature strip for council collection on allocated days
  • Return the following day to bring bins back to bin corral

Rubbish Removal

  • Remove unwanted hard rubbish or green waste from the property to the tip

One-off Garden Work

  • Supply and plant new shrubs or annuals
  • Seasonally fertilize lawns and gardens
  • Supply & spread mulch
  • Tree lopping / removal

 Bin Cleaning

  • High pressure wash, disinfect & deodorize wheelie bins
  • High pressure wash bin corrals
  • High pressure wash pathways, stairwells & car parks
  • All Seasons are OH&S compliant and meet water authority guidelines

Gutter Cleaning

  • Check and clean gutters and downpipes on units, houses and multi-storey residential or commercial buildings
  • Report any rust or damage of gutters and downpipes to property manager
  • Staff are OH&S compliant, Workcover approved and use safety harnesses on all heights above two metres from ground level

Sprinklers & Drippers

  • Check and repair sprinkler and dripper systems

Window Cleaning 

  • Pure water technology for streak free results (no spots or detergent residue)
  • Spotless sills & frames
  • Internal and external window cleaning
  • Reaches up to 4 storeys without elevated platforms or ladders
  • Our waterbrooms can be used to wash external guttering and remove cobwebs from around the building and underneath eaves

Carpet Steam Cleaning

We now offer expert steam cleaning services